Follow these five easy steps to set yourself and your artwork up for Spot Vanish.

Step One: Create a dedicated Varnish swatch in Illustrator

Open your artwork file in Abobe Illustrator

Click on the colours panel in the top toolbar

Click on the Options icon > New Swatch

Create a new swatch to match the below specifications:

  • Name: Varnish
  • Color Type: Spot Color
  • Color Mode: CMYK
  • C: 0
  • M: 0
  • Y: 100
  • K: 0
  • *Optional: Tick the "Add to my Library" checkbox to save this swatch. This means you won't have to repeat this step every time.

That's Step 1 finished!

Step Two: Create a dedicated Layer for Vanish objects

Open the Layers panel

Click the "Create New Layer" icon

Name the new layer "Varnish"

That's Step 2 finished!

Step Three: Add all of your Varnish objects to the new 'Varnish' layer

Select the components of your artwork that you would like printed in Varnish

Move these objects to the 'Varnish' layer by dragging and dropping in the Layers panel.

That's Step 3 Finished!

Step Four: Apply the 'Varnish' colour swatch to the objects

Select the objects within the Varnishlayer

Click on the Libraries panel

Apply the Varnish colour swatch to the objects

That's Step 4 done!

Step Five: Apply 'Overprint Fill' to the Varnish Layer

Open the Layers panel and select the Varnish Layer

In the top menu, go to Window > Attributes

Check the 'Overprint Preview' in the attributes window

That's Step 5 finished!

You're now ready to save your artwork as a PDF and upload it to the Print Portal

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